And this school year ends…

Batch 2013, I will miss you. And I’m sure you won’t miss the Star Wars bonus questions in Comp Sci long tests. Speaking of which, the last long test for the school year had the following questions:

1) What does AT-AT stand for?
2) What does TIE stand for?
3) Which side does the X-wing belong to?
4) Who created Star Wars?

The correct answers are: All Terrain – Armored Transport, Twin Ion Engine, The Rebellion or Rebel Alliance and George Lucas.

Many people got George Lucas and many thought that the choices for 3 is light or dark side. It’s supposed to be a choice between the Galatic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. As for the first two questions, here are their answers:

ATAT = nagmamadali?
Above Thinking – Annexing Toilet
A trip at Tartakovsky
Aspired to attack troops
Anakin Tywalker – Anakin Tywalker
Android Technology
A truck, a truck
Ang tae – ay tae
Arguing the Affinity of Terabytes
Atat na Atat
A Totally – Awesome Toy
Anti Tank – Aerial Trooper
Asdfghjkl Test – Asdfghjkl Test
Another test – about toucans
All Terrain – Attack Transport
Eager (example: si JM ay atat ng kumain)
All the awesome things
At the – Asian Tower
AsTeroid – AsTeroid

The Immortal Enemy
Thinking in End
The Internation Embassy
The Internet Explorer
Talking Indian Emperor
The Intelligent Emperor
Totally Inverted Eyes
To Interlace Everything
Tae Invading Earth
Technological Improvement Era
The Inexplanable Explanation
Troop Interceptor Engager
Test is Ergghhh
The Imperial Emperor
The Industrial Evolution
The Intelligent Exorcism
(Duh!) Draw!
Tactical International Electronics, Ltd
The Integrated Entropy
The Indeed End
The Intergalactic Enforcers
The Imperial Emperor

Hehe… Haaay, no more crazy bonus questions with weird answers from teenagers for the next two months…

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