First Quarter Ends

And today, I gave my second long test to Rosal. Champaca took it last Thursday and Camia last Friday. This exam is a bit harder than the previous but I’m hoping that the students would get higher grades because they have an idea about my style already.

Let’s see, my bonus questions are:

1. How many fingers does Yoda have on one hand?
2. Which hand of Luke did Darth Vader cut off?
3. Who was encased in Carbonite?
4. What is Boba Fett’s ship name?

At least my bonus questions are much easier now as compared to before. Hehehe…

Nonetheless, they gave weird answers like in #2. I’m expecting either left or right only. But someone had to answer “None. This is a trick question”. My goodness… And in #4, I received “Fett Mobile” and “Boba Boba”, like wth?

Now, I have to finish checking the tons of papers and projects from my CS2 and VGD classes. Good Luck to me!

Also, I’ve been programming since… 9am? I’ve had a break of 1 hour or so and now I’m feeling a weee bit crazy. Poor officemates, they get to see me in my crazy mood.

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