Another set of weird bonus answers

I finished checking the first LT of the 3rd Quarter yesterday. I have now consolidated the weird answers of the students.

The geeky questions are:

1. What does AOTC stand for?
2. What kind of people did Anakin kill including both women and children?
3. Who served as the genetic template for the Clone Army and Boba Fett?
4. Who is the assassin that sent the venomous insects to kill Senator Padme Amidala in her apartment?

The correct answers are:

1. Attack of the Clones
2. Tusken Raiders or Sand People
3. Jango Fett
4. Zam Wesell

Of my 3 sections, only 1 student got all 4 questions correct: Pardau Valerio of Champaca. Amazing! I heard that she was “studying” Star Wars Episode II on the morning before the LT! She was awake at 530AM just to watch it! Haha! Geekiness!

The funny and weird answers of my students are…
1. What does AOTC stand for?
Army of the Clones
American Official Trading Company
Astronomical Outpost Territorial C (couldn’t read his handwriting)
Arrival of the Clown (c/o Wilmer)
Appearance of the Children
All oranges to Chiara! (haha!)
Ay Oh Taong Cute?
Anakin on the Chocolate
Assassin of the Creed
Army of the Clones
Army of Two Camia
All of the Choices
Arising of the Clones
Anakin of the Clonearmy (pilit yung C!)
Alliance of the Cockroaches (c/o Kyle)

Someone answered “Bad People” to number 2. Then there were students who answered “Master Jedi Kiko” to 3 and 4. Someone even answered “me…lol” to 3. Haha! Crazy! It’s fun checking their papers 😀

For next LT… Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

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