Long Test Bonuses matter more

Today, I gave my 3rd LT of the SY to Camia and Champaca. The bonuses revolved around Episode VI.

The Questions are:

1. What does ROTJ stand for?
2. Did Yoda show his lightsaber in Episode VI?
3. Who killed Jabba the Hutt?
4. What pit did Boba Fett fell into in Tatooine?

The answers are: Return of the Jedi, No, Princess Leia, Great Pit of Carkoon or Sarlacc Pit.

I was hoping the first two would be easy. If ever they didn’t know it, they’re guessable. The next two are more difficult.

Unfortunately, some people had weird answers for ROTJ like “Rotten Office of the Jejemons”. Very weird.

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