Games made by teens!

Another batch of Video Game Development Elective students from Philippine Science High School Main Campus will graduate this end of March. As a final requirement, they need to upload their games in Kongregate and here they are. Click on the image to play their games.


Change was suppose to be a Chemistry-based game that ended up being a Pretentious Game clone. Go get emo with this one 😀


Try to stay alive in this somewhat thriller survival game against creepy polygons without getting Cornered


This is a difficult physics-based puzzle game using simple 3D objects. I hope your patience doesn’t easily thin out with Knockback

Rolling Rumble

Rolling Rumble was the most popular game during the National Science Fair exhibit. Go and push your friends around. I know you want to.

Synchonicity Alpha

Synchonicity Alpha will annoy you. Enough said.


Need some brain exercise? Spectrum will make your head twist and turn.


Sparkshot is a tower-defense game using electricity and well… towers 😀

AIDS Infector

This is the most controversial game ever! Get down with the sickness with AIDS Infector


And what’s a game exhibit without a Flappy Bird clone. Go get some candies and don’t let the Balloony pop

Logic Invaders

Who ever said binary ain’t fun? They obviously haven’t played Logic Invaders


How long can you last in this fancy survival game – Shooter

I hope you guys have the patience of figuring out the controls of their games 😀 I will emphasize on integrating tutorial levels and making the controls more intuitive in my next game development classes.

Oh and feel free to rate and comment their games in Kongregate. I told them to expect the onslaught of the world once their games are out.

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