First Long Test of Batch 2014

I can’t believe I have barely touched my blog for more than a year. Wow! Maybe it’s because I didn’t have star wars bonus questions anymore. But nonetheless, it’s back 😀

The first LT of CS4 SY 2013-2014 had 4 bonus questions all related to Star Wars Episode I. The questions were

1) Who was Darth Vader’s mother?
2) What did Yoda sense in Anakin when he was presented to the Jedi Council?
3) Which planet did Qui-Gon die in?
4) What does TPM stand for?

The correct answers are Shmi, fear, Naboo and The Phantom Menace. There were a couple of funny answers for (1), namely, Darth Mother and Mrs Vader. But the 4th question had really crazy answers. And here’s the list…

The Potato Man
The Potato Master
The Planet Master
Triple Pulse Magnet
The Planet Mars
Technological Programming Machine
The Perfect Me
Total Prime Midichlorians
The Pancake Monster
T Planetary Movement
The Prime Minister
Teleportation Malfunction (where is the ‘P’?)
Toilet Paper Management
True Patrol Master
Tingling Potty Mouth
The Product Multiplier
Trigger Powered Machinegun
The Protection Machine
To Pass Math
Treasure Planet Map
Total Programming Mess
Transport Pair Mechanism
Twin Propulsion (Where is the ‘M’?)
The Post Menstruation

Haha! The last one was totally unexpected. I can’t wait for the next exam. 😀


And this school year ends…

Batch 2013, I will miss you. And I’m sure you won’t miss the Star Wars bonus questions in Comp Sci long tests. Speaking of which, the last long test for the school year had the following questions:

1) What does AT-AT stand for?
2) What does TIE stand for?
3) Which side does the X-wing belong to?
4) Who created Star Wars?

The correct answers are: All Terrain – Armored Transport, Twin Ion Engine, The Rebellion or Rebel Alliance and George Lucas.

Many people got George Lucas and many thought that the choices for 3 is light or dark side. It’s supposed to be a choice between the Galatic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. As for the first two questions, here are their answers:

ATAT = nagmamadali?
Above Thinking – Annexing Toilet
A trip at Tartakovsky
Aspired to attack troops
Anakin Tywalker – Anakin Tywalker
Android Technology
A truck, a truck
Ang tae – ay tae
Arguing the Affinity of Terabytes
Atat na Atat
A Totally – Awesome Toy
Anti Tank – Aerial Trooper
Asdfghjkl Test – Asdfghjkl Test
Another test – about toucans
All Terrain – Attack Transport
Eager (example: si JM ay atat ng kumain)
All the awesome things
At the – Asian Tower
AsTeroid – AsTeroid

The Immortal Enemy
Thinking in End
The Internation Embassy
The Internet Explorer
Talking Indian Emperor
The Intelligent Emperor
Totally Inverted Eyes
To Interlace Everything
Tae Invading Earth
Technological Improvement Era
The Inexplanable Explanation
Troop Interceptor Engager
Test is Ergghhh
The Imperial Emperor
The Industrial Evolution
The Intelligent Exorcism
(Duh!) Draw!
Tactical International Electronics, Ltd
The Integrated Entropy
The Indeed End
The Intergalactic Enforcers
The Imperial Emperor

Hehe… Haaay, no more crazy bonus questions with weird answers from teenagers for the next two months…



Finally! Third quarter has ended officially for CS2. And of course, the last requirement is a Long Test with a very difficult 10-point question. Enough of the academics, more of the craziness. My bonus questions are as follows:

1) What does ROTS stand for?
2) Which planet did Obi-Wan and Anakin fight in?
3) Who is the Sith Lord that Yoda dueled in the Senate Building?
4) How many Jedi Masters were present when they attempted to arrest the Supreme Chancellor?

The answers are Revenge of the Sith, Mustafar, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Siduous, 4 (Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu).

To spice things up, I gave a half point to anyone who would attempt to figure out what ROTS means. This way, they’d make up ridiculous weird answers for my laughter 🙂 Hahaha!

And here are their answers:

Rated Over the Scale
Return of the Strawberries
Return of the Sith
Rule of the Students
Rotting Old Tom Sawyer
Return of the Spongebob
Rise of the Sith
Really Over Thinking Sir
Rampage of the Siths
Return of the Something
Rise of the Supreme
Rotting Oranges Taste Sour
Rotting Overlord of the Slaves (ROOTS?)
Romance of the Sperms (from The Panty Maker)
Rise of the Shaman
Return of the Supers
Red on the Spot
Return of the Sandman
Return of the Stars
Right on the Spot
Return of the Sayans
Root of the Swarm
Rise of the Sun
Revenge of the Skywalker
Rolling on the Ship
Rooster over the Sun
Reign of the Siths
Robot Ornament that Sucks
Return of the Superstars
Revenge of the Sissies

For #2, many students had the correct idea and answered;
Lava Planet, Volcano Planet, etc

It’s been a trend that when my question is answerable by a number, the answer will most likely be the number itself 🙂 But still, there are those who insist that there is 1 or 5 or 10000000 Jedi Masters were present during the attempt to arrest the Chancellor.

Oh well, that’s it for 3rd Quarter. Onward to 4th Qtr! Functions and Arrays, here we come!


Another set of weird bonus answers

I finished checking the first LT of the 3rd Quarter yesterday. I have now consolidated the weird answers of the students.

The geeky questions are:

1. What does AOTC stand for?
2. What kind of people did Anakin kill including both women and children?
3. Who served as the genetic template for the Clone Army and Boba Fett?
4. Who is the assassin that sent the venomous insects to kill Senator Padme Amidala in her apartment?

The correct answers are:

1. Attack of the Clones
2. Tusken Raiders or Sand People
3. Jango Fett
4. Zam Wesell

Of my 3 sections, only 1 student got all 4 questions correct: Pardau Valerio of Champaca. Amazing! I heard that she was “studying” Star Wars Episode II on the morning before the LT! She was awake at 530AM just to watch it! Haha! Geekiness!

The funny and weird answers of my students are…
1. What does AOTC stand for?
Army of the Clones
American Official Trading Company
Astronomical Outpost Territorial C (couldn’t read his handwriting)
Arrival of the Clown (c/o Wilmer)
Appearance of the Children
All oranges to Chiara! (haha!)
Ay Oh Taong Cute?
Anakin on the Chocolate
Assassin of the Creed
Army of the Clones
Army of Two Camia
All of the Choices
Arising of the Clones
Anakin of the Clonearmy (pilit yung C!)
Alliance of the Cockroaches (c/o Kyle)

Someone answered “Bad People” to number 2. Then there were students who answered “Master Jedi Kiko” to 3 and 4. Someone even answered “me…lol” to 3. Haha! Crazy! It’s fun checking their papers 😀

For next LT… Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


Ridiculous Bonus Answers

In my 2nd LT of the 2nd Qtr, my bonus questions were:

1) What does TPM stand for?
2) Who killed Qui-Gon Jinn?
3) Which planet did Qui-Gon find Anakin Skywalker?
4) Who is Anakin Skywalker’s mother?

The correct answers are: The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul, Tatooine and Shmi Skywalker. #2 and #3 are easy which many people got but #1 and #4 had hilarious guesses.

Tatooine Podracing Match
Twin Pulse Mechanism
Temporary Planetary Method
Too Pretty, Mika (I wonder who wrote this…)
The Prime Minister
Taco Punching Monster
Time Portal Machine
Totally Papa Muscle
Totally Pangit Monster
The Pokemon Master
Trapezoidal Pyramid of Mother Earth (someone did not read the question properly)
Terra Pod Machine
Thai Pearl Mining
Terrible Poisonous Mayonnaise
The Prince Maince
The Pink Mouse
Top Police Man
The Paper Monster
To Planet Moron
The Panty Maker (c/o Joshua Suarez)
Total Proving Machine
The Padawan Master
The Pink Mama
The Planetary Model
The Phatom Monster
Tatooine Planet Military

Mrs Skywalker
Mrs Darth Vader
Mama Skywalker
Lynda Skywalker (where did this come from)
Inanya Skywalker (because Anak-in must’ve have had Ina-nya)
Theresa (heh?)
Sam Skywalker (I wonder who wrote this)
Daena (double heh?)

I can’t wait to see what they’ll guess next.


Long Test Bonuses matter more

Today, I gave my 3rd LT of the SY to Camia and Champaca. The bonuses revolved around Episode VI.

The Questions are:

1. What does ROTJ stand for?
2. Did Yoda show his lightsaber in Episode VI?
3. Who killed Jabba the Hutt?
4. What pit did Boba Fett fell into in Tatooine?

The answers are: Return of the Jedi, No, Princess Leia, Great Pit of Carkoon or Sarlacc Pit.

I was hoping the first two would be easy. If ever they didn’t know it, they’re guessable. The next two are more difficult.

Unfortunately, some people had weird answers for ROTJ like “Rotten Office of the Jejemons”. Very weird.


First Quarter Ends

And today, I gave my second long test to Rosal. Champaca took it last Thursday and Camia last Friday. This exam is a bit harder than the previous but I’m hoping that the students would get higher grades because they have an idea about my style already.

Let’s see, my bonus questions are:

1. How many fingers does Yoda have on one hand?
2. Which hand of Luke did Darth Vader cut off?
3. Who was encased in Carbonite?
4. What is Boba Fett’s ship name?

At least my bonus questions are much easier now as compared to before. Hehehe…

Nonetheless, they gave weird answers like in #2. I’m expecting either left or right only. But someone had to answer “None. This is a trick question”. My goodness… And in #4, I received “Fett Mobile” and “Boba Boba”, like wth?

Now, I have to finish checking the tons of papers and projects from my CS2 and VGD classes. Good Luck to me!

Also, I’ve been programming since… 9am? I’ve had a break of 1 hour or so and now I’m feeling a weee bit crazy. Poor officemates, they get to see me in my crazy mood.


First CS2 Long Test

Today was the day after I held my first Long Test in CS2 for the School Year. The students know that I give difficult exams because of the warnings of 2012. I hope the warnings served them well.

My exam had 4 bonus questions that only Star Wars geeks could answer. My questions were:

1. What is Luke’s Squadron in the Battle of Yavin?
2. Which planet did Leia say when Grand Moff Tarkin asked for the location of the Rebel Base?
3. Which planet had two suns in Episode IV?
4. The Rebel Base is located in which moon of Yavin in Episode IV.

Only #3 was the easiest. The answers are Red, Dantooine, Tatooine, Yavin IV. Oh well, I’ll make the next bonuses easier.